Floral Styling and film photography

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A film photographer and floral stylist dedicated to capturing you.

My name is Brenna Williams, and I am a botanique artist and photographer.

One of my favorite parts of floral design is collaborating with the client to achieve a singular vision. It is a creative journey to express personality in petals. I love the color and smell of every unique flower. Each time I get my flowers in I am blown away by their beauty.

I love to photograph anything and everything. I am fully aware the we live in a digital age but I cannot let go of the beauty and art film portrays. It is a completely different experience then digital photography. The way film captures light and skin tones is unreplicate-able. I shoot exclusively film photos on my Leica M2 and Leica IIIc along with a few other treasured, old film cameras.

Photo by James Fitzgerald lll

Photo by James Fitzgerald lll


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